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About Norcoat

Experts in advanced adherent coating

Norcoat are experts in advanced adherent coating. A competent partner, with many years of experience in the field of advanced adhesive coating.

The premises have hosted graphic business since the 70’s

We are the inheritor of a long tradition in the graphical business. As early
as the 1970s, its current premises housed graphical production, and in the
early 1980s, production in the field of coated papers started, with an
application in the graphical business, mostly as business forms,
labels and one-time carbon-paper.

In later years, the production has been directed towards dry particle gummed paper (”stamp paper”) and paper laminates. Today, we manufacture coated and laminated paper, film and textile materials for customers around, primarily, Europe. 

After 40 years in the industry, we see ourselves as experts.


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Norcoat About Image - Om-Norcoat
Norcoat About Image - Om-Norcoat
Norcoat About Image - Om-Norcoat